My name is Nick Gizelis and I am available for hire as a 3d modeler.

Current location : Athens, Greece
– High Poly modeling/sculpting
– Low Poly modeling
– Modeling for 3D Print
– UV mapping
– Texturing
– Rendering
– Shading
– 3D character concept

– Autodesk Softimage
– Autodesk Maya
– Pixologic ZBrush
– 3D-Coat
– Autodesk Mudbox
– Maxon Bodypaint 3D
– Adobe Photoshop

Blog entries

Φεβ 2610:08



A bust I sculpted for practice.        

Φεβ 2610:04

The Boxer


A bust I sculpted for practice.

Φεβ 2609:56

Trench Raider bust


A bust of a WW I German trench raider I sculpted for Pathos Miniatures,, to be 3d printed and reproduced as a resin kit. The final painted resin bust of the trench raider. Paint job by Roberto Ramirez Gutierrez.

Φεβ 2609:49

U-Boat Captain bust


A bust of a WW II German U-Boat Captain I sculpted as a commission, again for Pathos Miniatures,, to be 3d printed and reproduced as a resin kit.              

Νοε 1710:10

Statue bust


A model I made as a commission for the bust of the ancient Greek philosopher, Kleovoulos, to be used in a tv commercial for OPAP S.A. More information and the actual commercial video will follow soon.

Νοε 0110:12

Monster Brush Challenge Submissions


Here are some WIP and final shots of my submissions to the Monster Brush Challenge, by BadKing. You can see some great work of the participants there, My first piece was an aquatic crab-like creature, in a small diorama set.. And another one, an alien football player :)

Μάι 1707:51

Microscopic Life


This is my submission for CGFeedback's Mini Challenge 11 titled "Microscopic Life". The theme was microscopic life forms, it could be dust mites , real bugs or imaginary ones, parasites etc. So, I decided to make an imaginary dustmite fooling around on a nanomachine  installation :)         …