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Hello and welcome to my online portfolio.

Here you can browse through some of my 3d work, both commercial and personal. Thanks for coming.

Featured Work

  • nick-gizelis-uboat-captain-metal-3

    Pathos Miniatures german uboat captain WWII bustA bust of a WW II German U-Boat Captain I sculpted as a commission for…

  • nick-gizelis-mr zzitt-2

    The Adventurous Mr ZZITTMeet Mr ZZITT! A stylized character I made with Softimage XSI, ZBrush and Photoshop.

  • nick-gizelis-monster brush challenge_01

    Monster brush challenge submissionsMy submissions to BadKing’s Monster Brush Challenge.

  • nick-gizelis-micro-dustmite-01

    Microlife Challenge SubmissionMy submission for CGFeedback’s Mini Challenge titled -Microscopic Life-.

  • nick-gizelis-marine-buggy-in-studio-09

    Marine BuggyA Marine Buggy, heavily influenced by QUAKE and RAGE games concept art. Softimage XSI.

  • nick-gizelis-german_soldier_wwi_bust_03

    Pathos Miniatures German soldier WWI bustA bust of a WW I German trench raider I sculpted for Pathos Miniatures

  • nick-gizelis-aquaman-green

    Aquaman renders and 3d printA bust I made using as reference photos of a sculpture made by Aris Kolokontes

  • nick-gizelis-varoufakis-18

    Mr Yanis VaroufakisA digital sculpt I did using as reference photos of Finance Minister of Greece Mr…

  • nick-gizelis-color-floating-ship-web

    Floating Ship ConceptA 3d concept I made, inspired by the amazing concept work of Ian McQue

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