Mecha Bust

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A personal project for a cyborg character bust.

My aim is to complete the whole workflow, from a high poly assembly to get normal and cavity maps from, to retopologize a low poly mesh and finally to produce a fully textured realtime version of the bust with a polygon count under 5k triangles.

I got the idea for the bust from a creature head I had worked on, some time ago.


An initial 3d concept that did not make it to the end, but helped me to define the final concept..

 The final 3d model of the bust, still with simple materials and no battle weathering :)





I like to render my models as if they were 3d prints – since real 3d prints are still rather pricey -

and this mecha dude is not an exception :)

These shots are my work so far, heavy battle weathering on the metallic and rubber surfaces of the armour.

Possibly I got too far, but it was a useful exercise for detailing anyway.

The realtime version of the Mecha Bust, with a triangle count of 4592

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